– Zee Myks

Ben Franklin liked to stand nude in front of open windows.

Gandhi slept (literally) alongside naked girls to test his celibacy. -Jack_In_Black89

Mahatma Gandhi

Diligent Visitor

Victor Hugo was a very diligent visitor at the Parisian brothels. So much so that the day he was buried, all the Parisian brothel closed for the day so prostitutes could go to the funeral.

JFK had a circumcision when he was 21 because of phimosis and then proceeded to f**k as much as possible.

Lord Byron

 Lord Byron was an anorexic, drug and sex addict who shagged his sister. A lot. -Polar-Hare-Force


Mozart was kinky as heck, he wrote a song/ poem which roughly translates to modern English as lick my a**.

Constant Gas

Constant Gas

Marilyn Monroe had constant gas. All of her husbands corroborated it privately