5 Uses Of Computer In Our Daily Life In 2022 – Governing People


The applications of computers are as follows:

  1. Document Typing: Computers are very helpful for word processing. You can correct your mistakes with the help of spell check and take out as many printouts as you like. You can even save the document to reprint it later.
  2. Entertainment: Computer can be helpful in entertaining us in many different ways:

[a] Playing Games: You can play games on a computer that help us to be attentive, observant and develop reasoning. There can be skill games, simulation games or action games.

[b] Watching Movies: You can also watch movies on Video CD’s on a computer equipped with CD-ROM drive,sound card and a movie playing software.

3. General Knowledge: Computers help us in refining our general knowledge with the help of educational software, explaining concepts through animation and multimedia.

4. Email and Internet: You can send electronic mails through computers that are a very fast medium as compared to regular mail to your near and dear ones living abroad or anywhere in India. You can also browse the Internet for gaining knowledge, for buying things or for payment of your bills.

5. Scheduling & Calendar: Daily schedule can be input into a computer, which can remind us with alarms and visual alerts about our engagements at the specified time. you can also use the calendar facility of computer software.

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