5 Way to Get Free iPhone From The Government

Free iPhone From The Government

Getting a brand new iPhone from the government sounds like a dream. But it is happening under the Life Assistance program. In this program, eligible households can get free wireless services along with a free iPhone. So the question is, what are the ways to get a free iPhone from the government? Receiving a free … Read more

Ways to Find lost AirPods That are Offline?

Find lost AirPods That are Offline

If you look at the way technology worked in the last couple of years, we can firmly say we live in an era where we are seeing too many innovative and outstanding tech gadgets that any human being has managed to see. The usage of wired headphones is decreasing every day because of the introduction … Read more

How to Turn on Flash Notification on iPhone or iPad

Set Up Flash Light Notifications Iphone

If you have recently made a switch from Android to iOS, you may miss the flash notification feature. Although, iPhones and iPads don’t really have a dedicated notification LED light to notify you about calls or texts. But it comes with an optimal accessibility feature for deaf users. It uses camera flash to provide a … Read more