How To View Blocked Messages On iPhone Easily?

As obvious, iPhone is one of best top selling smartphone at this time. More than one billion people use iPhone worldwide. The number of iPhone user is increasing rapidly from the past years. The reason for the increasing users of iPhone is that it is easy to use. You can easily open and operate anything in it. You can launch any app from the home screen itself. From deleting text messages to recovering deleted text, you can do everything easily. And today’s post is also about us. In this, you will learn that it is possible to View Blocked Messages On iPhone Easily.

This query is simple but it will go lengthy so let’s know the answer in one word. If you want to recover old messages of the person you have blocked then this post is for you. but if you want to see new messages of that person after blocking then sorry. because if you have blocked someone then you can not receive text from the person.

Messages you have deleted can be viewed after recovering them using third party apps, but the messages you haven’t received can never be viewed. As there is no blocked message receiving folder in the iPhone so it not possible to view them. However you can check the previously received messages of the person if you have not deleted them. If clearly says, iPhone does not allow message delivery after blocking the person.

How To View Blocked Messages On iPhone

It is pretty simple to view blocked messages on iPhone. if you want to see the message of the person you’ve blocked, it means you want to have contact with him/her. So unblock the number and start receiving messages. As iPhone user can view the old messages of blocked contact anytime but before deleting them. After deleting you can view message until you recover using third party app.

On the other hand, person you have blocked can not sent you message in iPhone until you unlock him or her. So to receive and view the message of blocked person you will have to unlock that person first. This feature comes in android only that you can receive the message from the person you have blocked, in the blocked folder. unfortunately iPhone does not has this feature so you can not view message of blocked person.

How To Block Someone on iPhone?

If someone is bothering you by calling and sending unnecessary text and want to get rid of him then you can easily save yourself if you have an iPhone. As iPhone has many outstanding feature so blocking feature is also available in it. you can easily stop receiving unwanted calls and text by blocking that person. To block someone on iPhone is quite easy. you just have to follow the steps below.

You can unblock that number easily anytime to receive message and call from them.

  • To block any person in your iPhone you have to go to recent call or contact folder.
  • Find the person and click on his/her name.
  • Just like editing the name of contact.
  • Go down and you will see an option name block this caller.

Click on that, just after blocking that person you will stop receiving message and call from that side. In case you change your mind and want to receive both then you can simply unblock with the same method.

How To unblock Someone on iPhone?

To Check Phone Calls

  • Go to settings and then click on phone.
Unlock phone calls
  • Now click on Blocked Contacts.
Goto blocked contacts
  • Just after clicking on it you will see the person you have blocked
Unblock contact
  • Tap on edit and delete the number from blocked list.

So with this simple way, you can unblock anyone in just a few moments. isn’t it a easiest way?

To Check Messages

You do not have to do anything more. if you have unblocked him with above method you have successfully unblocked him/her from everywhere. No you can check the old messages of this person in the message box.

How to View Old Messages Of The Person You Have Blocked?

Luckily, you can view messages in your iPhone anytime until you deleted them. If you have blocked someone and you want to check his/her messages then you can easily view them. but to view messages and calls of that person you have to first unblock them. above i have told you how to unlock anyone in iPhone.


What Happened When You Blocked Someone?

You will not receive any call and message from the number you have blocked.

Can I Make A Call To The Person I Have Blocked?

Yes, you can make call as well as send messages to the blocked number.

Can He/She Check My Old Message If I Blocked Him/Her?

Yes, Blocking someone does not delete the message or call history of anyone, Nor your neither them. So you both can check the previous call and message history.


A complete information about “View Blocked Messages On iPhone” has been shared in this post. Along with this we have also told you how to block and unblock anyone contact in iPhone. if we have missed anything, let us know using the comment box. if you find it helpful, we are glad. So i hope your question How To View Blocked Messages On iPhone has been answered in a very simple way. Keep reading Governing People for more knowledge.

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