How To Setup Siri On iPhone and iPad? Easy Guide

iPhone has hundreds of outstanding feature in it. you can make your life easier if you have an iPhone, and it also saves your time. Best and easy face id lock, iTunes Store, Facetime, iMessage, and many more are such features of apple due to which iPhone is most liked. But along with this, there are many functions in the iPhone about which many users are not aware. Even if people are aware, they do not know how to use it. One such feature is Siri which is not fully utilized. So today you will know How To Setup Siri On iPhone.

What is Siri?

Before jumping to the next let me tell you something about Siri. Siri is the most advanced built-in, voice-controlled personal assistant for the apple users. Siri helps you to save your time and energy. it helps you to do everything with your iPhone whatever you want to do with your iPhone. You just have to speak something like, Call Mom, Send and iMessage, play music and many more.

Every Apple product, Apple watch, HomePod, iMac, iPhone, iPad, iPod providing siri. Siri will answer your questions and give you result you want with your iPhone. Siri is extremely clever and show you result in just a moment. You can setup Siri according to your need. you can change its gender and also the voice accent. because iPhone is equally liked by Male and female both.

if talk about languages, does Siri Fail? No, Siri can answer you in English, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, US, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Norwegian, Cantonese, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Thai and Portuguese languages. This one is the best feature of Siri thats why almost every person of every country love to use iPhone.

Siri is not just a voice for apple users, you can laugh with it, if you ask her for a giggle. If you have and iPhone or any apple product then Siri is all yours, you just have to setup it. Siri Setup guide for iPhone is below.

How To Setup Siri In iPhone?

Setting up Siri is as easy as putting AirPods in your ears but knowing the steps. You just have to follow some simple steps given below to setup Siri in iPhones or iPod.

  • Start using your iPhone and goto setting.
  • Scroll down and click on Siri & Search.
  • Tap on the first option “Listen for Hey Siri”
  • Once you tap it will show you a popup “Enable Siri” tap on that.
  • Now a setup page will be there on your device screen Tap on “Continue”.
  • Now it will ask you for 5 lines to speak.
  • Say “Hey Siri” as it is necessary to jump to next step.
  • Now Say Hey Siri send a message.
  • Say Hey Siri what’s the weather like today.
  • Now Say Hey Siri set a timer for three minutes.
  • And now the final one is Hey Siri, play some music.
  • Now Hey Siri is ready and it will recognise your voice whenever you say Hey Siri.

Finally you have setup you Hey Siri.

How to change Siri Voice & Language?

As i told you above that Siri is wonderful complete feature of Apple for its users. if you are a man want to listen to Siri in Female voice then you can do it and vice versa. Don’t want to use Siri in English you can change it from here. Here is how you can do this easily.

Change Siri Voice

  • Go to setting and then Siri & Search.
  • Click on Siri Voice and select which voice you like the most.
  • And here you have changes the Siri Voice easily.
Change Siri Voice

Change Siri Language

  • Go to setting and then Siri & Search.
  • Click on Siri Voice and select which voice you like the most.
  • And here you have changes the Siri Voice easily
Change Siri Language


Having siri in your iPhone is an amazing thing a smartphone user can ever have. Now you have learnt how to Setup Siri on iPhone. If you are having any trouble related to your iPhone then follow every step sincerely. Leave your words below to tell us your satisfaction with this article. Say hey Siri and ask her to help your priceless time and have fun.

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