How Much Does It Cost to Replace an iPad Screen?

Apple products are very expensive, due to which the price of their parts is also very high. If we talk about Specially iPad, then No Doubt iPad is a very good gadget because you get many amazing features in it and the quality of the iPad is also very good.

But as long as our iPad works properly, its experience will be different from all devices. But as soon as there is any physical or water damage in your iPad, then the concern increases immediately. Because repairing the iPad can also cost a lot of money. That’s why in this post, we will talk in depth about how you can change the screen of an iPad and its charges.

Even if your iPad is brand new and is under warranty, you will still have to spend money to change the screen of your iPad. Because Apple does not cover any kind of damage in warranty. The problem is that changing the screen of an iPad costs as much as buying a new iPad.

Well how much it can cost to change a screen can be told only by looking at the physical condition of the iPad, but for more information you should visit Apple Authorized Service Center. So that you get to know How Much Does It Cost to Replace an iPad Screen? below we are sharing some method that can help you to replace your iPad Screen, so keep reading it.

How to Replace a Cracked iPad Screen

The size of the iPad screen is large, so you have to keep many things in mind while changing its screen. For example, do not get the screen changed from an unprofessional. If you do not know screen replacement, then do not do it yourself because doing so can completely spoil your iPad. You can change the broken screen of your iPad in some of these ways.

Apple Store to Replace The Screen

Screen replacement from Apple Store is considered the best option because from there you get the original display which will make your iPad look like new again. However, you will get the display quite costly at the service center because as I told earlier that the price of the parts is very high. But if your phone comes under AppleCare, then you can get the screen replaced in less amount.

It costs $199 and $599 (plus tax) to replace an iPad’s screen without AppleCare. Whereas in this you can buy a new iPad or something. Well if you want to replace the screen at this price, then there is no better way than Service Center.

If you do not want to visit the service center, then you can send your phone to Nearest Apple SC from home itself. For this you will have to pay $6.95 for delivery charge. When your iPad is fixed, then you can visit and pay and take your iPad.

But before contacting the service center, know that not all service centers are authorized. Therefore visit the authorized service center only. You can get the address and number of all the service centers available in the US from here.

Local Repair Shop In Your Area

If you want to change the screen of your iPad in less than half the money, then this option will be the best for you. You can change the cracked screen by visiting the local repairing shop anywhere near you. The local repair shop in your area is not authorized by apple so you can do screen replacement for between $100-$200. You may face some problems in getting repairs done at Local Shops which we have mentioned below.

  • When you get your iPad repaired outside, your device’s warranty ends. Because apple has such technology so that they can know that your iPad has been repaired outside.
  • If the repairman is unprofessional, then your iPad may be completely damaged. Because if someone without knowledge will not be able to repair your iPad. Just opening or closing can harm your iPad.
  • No original parts are given in local shops. The device is fixed by using all Chinese parts. Whose quality is poor and your iPad’s screen can be damaged at any time.

Do it Yourself

If you want, you can also change the broken screen of your iPad yourself. But for this you have to first learn Screen replacement from Youtube or any other medium. If you think you can do it yourself, then only start repairing the iPad or else take the help of Professionals. Because due to your slightest mistake, your iPad can be completely damaged or defects can increase in it.

Final Words

I hope you know How Much Does It Cost to Replace an iPad Screen. Replacing the screen of an iPad is very costly, so we have also told you about a cheap way. You can change the cracked screen of iPad according to your convenience by reading the post. By the way, in this post, every effort has been made to answer you so that you do not have a problem. But if you are in any kind of doubts then you can use the comment section. Your questions will be answered there.

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