How to Hide Your Photos in iPhone Without Using Third-Party App

There must be some private photo or video in your phone, thats why you are looking for a way to hide them. Don’t worry, in today’s post you will know how to hide photos and videos in iPhone without third party app. it is pretty easy and anyone who uses iPhone can do it.

If there are some private photos or videos in your iPhone and you have not hidden them, then it can be risky for you. Because in such a situation, if any of your friends or family members use your phone, then they can easily see your photos, which you will be extremely bad for you.

That’s why you would like your private photos to be hidden and you can see them only when you want. In the post, you will be given complete step by step information about this, so read the post till the end.

How to Hide Your Photos in iPhone

If you have iOS 14 or higher then be happy because you can now easily hide photos and videos on your iPhone without any third party apps. By the way, even before iOS 14 Apple have the option to hide photos and videos. But whenever you hide your private pictures or videos in iOS 13 or less, all those pictures reach below the folder of albums in a folder named Hidden Albums.

Because of this Any person who uses your phone can easily see those hidden files. Well this is also a good feature but ghost is not very safe. But after iOS 14, Apple has further improved this feature keeping in mind the privacy of its users. Because after hiding, now no one can see your hidden files unless you want that too without downloading any app. Want to know how? read below.

How to Hide Your Pictures and Videos in iPhone Without Third Party App?

It is very easy to hide pictures and videos in iPhone. You can still hide your photos while reading this post. All the steps are given below, follow them carefully.

  • Open photos app in your iPhone.
  • Open any album and select the photo or video you want to hide. (You can select multiple files at one time)
  • Now click on the arrow icon given below on the left side.
  • it will show you many options like Add to shared album, Add to album duplicate, Hide and many other.
  • Click on hide and now do one more thing.
  • Go to setting>photos>disable hidden album.

This will hide your hidden album from photos app so that your hidden album can be invisible for everyone. Finally, now your photos are hidden, now even if someone uses your phone, he will not be able to see your private photos. Isn’t this an amazing feature of Apple? Tell us in the comments.


This feature is the most important everyone must know about this. In this post you have learnt the way to hide your photos and videos in iPhone. if you love this post then you can share this with your friends so they can also do this to save themselves from any hurdles. Thanks for reading stay connected.

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