12+ Best Prepaid Phones At Dollar General Store From Top Carriers

12+ Best Prepaid Phones Dollar General Store

Dollar General is the type of retail chain store that has been in the basins for a long time, and you can get everything literally from there. However, if you are looking forward to buying a good smartphone and carrier support, this is the best right now. Because currently, dollar general stores all over America are going through a special seasonal offer, and you can grab some of the best deals out of it. 

Whether you are going to buy a smartphone from general stores online or offline shops, there is no problem in either of these choices because you will find the desired level of smartphone easily in each case. In a survey, it’s been found out that there are more than 15000 smartphones that Dollar General is currently listed for sale, and that’s a huge number if you are talking about the number of choices.

Since you will buy a prepaid smartphone, there is no need to pay any money later for network carrier usage. These prepaid smartphones are a great choice for those who have a low credit score and cannot buy a phone for them because of extravagant credit policies.

How Does Dollar General Sell Prepaid Phones?

Like any other commodity in the market, retail chain stores like Dollar General have already collaborated with top-tier network carriers. For example, if you buy a particular company’s smartphone with a prepaid card of T-mobile, then you will be able to enjoy the services from that company as long as the plan lasts. There are specific plans which the network carrier and dollar general both agree upon, and they keep changing from period to period. 

So, in a nutshell, if you are trying to buy a prepaid smartphone with a good carrier deal, the dollar is the best place to start with. They have tons of opportunities and offers coming up each day, and in this post, I listed some of the best ones. 

Best Prepaid Smartphones In DOllar General

Since there are hundreds of smartphones available at the dollar general store, it would be quite hard to choose, so I listed the top ones based upon their features and offers for you. 

1. LG Phoenix 4 Prepaid Phone

Dollar General retail store offers great detail on the LG phoenix 4 smartphones that have been one of my favorites for sure. This prepaid smartphone is already 3G/4G supported, giving you more reasons for why you should buy it instantly. It supports the GPS, so turn it on and access any road through google map or any other navigational application on the road.

If you look at the performance, you are getting a strong 2500mah battery support that lasts for more than16 hours for straight-up usage. The internal storage memory is just 16GB, but it’s enough to store the basic images, audio, video, and many other types of files. If you look at the camera, there is 8MP on the rear and 5MP on the front that produces a decent quality of photos. It currently runs on the Nougat Android operating system, and it has 2GB of RAM. That might seem a little bit low, but it’s functioning for basic tasks.

Key Feature:

  • 5: display screen.
  • 2,500 mAh Lithium Ion battery.
  • 1.4GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon.
  • 16GB ROM.


  • Built-in GPS support system.
  • The camera comes with auto-focus functionality.
  • External memory supports up to 128 GB.
  • 1280×720 pixels display support.


  • The screen size is relatively small.
  • Battery drainage could be an issue.

2. AT&T Axia 4G Prepaid Phone

Looking at the number of features this little piece of smartphone offers, it would be fair to say that this is the best smartphone you can buy for such a meager price range. AT&T Axia 4G smartphone comes with an android oreo and Qualcomm snapdragon processor that can be a game-changer for many reasons. If you look at the phone’s storage, it has about 16GB of storage system that can be enough to store various types of files.

The phone supports and comes with an AT&T network system with decent and cheap prepaid plans that can help you stay connected with people for a longer period. The display size 5.5″ might not seem that much bigger, but it’s decent considering the meager price range this phone is coming up at. The weight of the smartphone is quite low, and you will not feel anything while carrying it up.

Key Features:-

  • Android 8.1
  • 4G technology.
  • 5.5’’ LCD display.
  • AT&T carrier.


  • Simple and user-friendly UI.
  • It supports 4G network carriers.
  • The in-built camera comes with flashlight support.
  • Quite cheap and easier to handle.


  • It has only a 2MP front camera.
  • Low battery life.

3. Motorola Moto E4 Prepaid Phones

It would be fair to say that Motorola managed to grab the smartphone industry during the early days by launching super user-friendly smartphones that are still demanding in the consumer market. Motorola Moto E4 comes with 8MP of rear camera support that can capture good quality phones and shoot videos. The built features like HDR helps people to capture the moment of their life through phones easily. This smartphone also comes with a gorilla glass 3 screen protected by an oleo-phobic coating that will protect it from any damage or damage.

Motorola Moto E4 runs on the Nougat operating system, and you will be getting frequent latest updates that will keep it up to date. Quad-core 1.3 operating system and 16GB of internal memory are quite satisfying compared to other smartphones in the same price range. Those who want to use it for the necessary daily tasks can get it instantly without thinking much.

Key Features:-

  • 16GB ROM.
  • 5” 720×1280 pixels
  • Android 7.1.1
  • 2GB RAM.
  • Bluetooth enabled.


  • High-end quality camera support.
  • The front camera comes with an LED flashlight.
  • Nano coating protects it from any damage.
  • Supports up to 128GB of external memory.


  • Battery draining is an issue.
  • Verizon has disabled the voice-over LTE.

4. ZTE Blade T2 Lite 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone

Very few smartphones give you features like the way ZTE blade T2 offers to its customers. Since it supports 4G network connectivity, you can enjoy unlimited internet surfing at a higher speed. It also comes with an external SD card support system, which you can use to store any data. The phone supports LTE so that you can use it for voice calling and fast internet access also. HDR support system makes it useful to capture high-end photos and shoot videos at higher quality.

Relatively ZTE blade T2 lite comes with a meager price, and its weight is also relatively low. You will not feel like carrying a heavy smartphone. Instead, it’s quite easier to manage at any place.

Key Features:-

  • 5” HD screen.
  • 4G LTE supported.
  • Android 8. 0 Oreo.
  • 1 GHz Quad-Core processor


  • It supports a 4G LTE network.
  • The rear camera comes with HDR, Panorama, and LED.
  • External memory is expandable up to 256GB.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • Low-end resolution.
  • Battery life is not durable.

5. Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Phone

I know that this is a flip phone that is becoming obsolete with time, but older people can still use it for various purposes if you consider its usage. The keyboard factor makes it more useful for older adults who still cannot cope with the touch screen keypad. This smartphone has a great relationship with TracFone carrier, offering some great plans for the new users.

The design of this phone looks quite retro, and that’s why only choosy people get it. The internal memory card slot is available on the right side of it, and you can use it to store songs, pictures, and many other things.

Key Features:-

  • 2.8” screen.
  • 4G supported.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • 1 GHz Quad-Core Processor


  • It supports the recording of videos.
  • Shoot decent-quality photos with a front camera.
  • Lightweight means easier to carry around.
  • It comes with a strong battery support system.


  • The picture quality is not high-end.
  • No high-resolution display.

6. ZTE VZW-Z839PP Blade Vantage Prepaid Phone

If you look at how this smartphone was first designed, then it’s safe to say that this is the first 4G LTE Verizon smartphone that came into the market and why it’s still famous among a group of customers. This phone runs on android nougat, so there are no issues with the power and related things for sure. You can use the in-built LTE technology for calling and high internet surfing that many people are still trying to figure out. The external memory slot gives you an option to expand your memory usage for various reasons.

Still, in-built storage of 16GB can hold tons of data that can be useful for various things. It comes with an 8MP rear and 5MP front camera, which is essential if you closely look at the quality of the pictures it can produce.

Key Features:-

  • Verizon carrier.
  • 5” Display screen.
  • 5.3 Ounces.
  • 2500 mAh battery.


  • It supports HD videos.
  • Durable battery life enabled.
  • 8MP rear camera with autofocus.
  • External memory up to 56GB.


  • Low memory issues.
  • Poor resolution disrupts picture quality.

7. ZTE Cymbal 4G LTE Speed Cell Phone

Now, if you look at the features this smartphone offers, you will find how useful this smartphone is, in reality, the inbuilt 4G LTE system that helps you with voice calling and high internet speed. Text to speech feature in the ZTE cymbal smartphone helps you convert any voice messages into text that can be helpful for people with disabilities. This smartphone has good resolution support that makes it useful for seeing and shooting photos.

You can use Bluetooth connectivity to connect with any other nearby devices for sharing files. Connect with nearby Bluetooth speakers and listen to your favorite type of music while at home or traveling. This smartphone supports an external memory system that can be expandable, and it’s quite important for such types of phones.

Key Features:-

  • 4G cellular.
  • LCD Display screen.
  • Bluetooth supported.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor


  • It supports high-end video quality.
  • Two screens for elaborate displays.
  • Easy to handle and use.
  • Long and durable battery life.


  • It runs on low memory.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series

The list of best-prepaid smartphones would have been incomplete if we didn’t consider the magical smartphone for a brand like Samsung. If you are a fan of using smartphones from Samsung, this would be a great choice. Samsung note 20 series has been great since the day it was launched for the customers. This smartphone comes with an S-pen stylus that offers more functionality than what users expect. 

If you like watching movies or videos on smartphones, then you would love to use one of these galaxy note 20 series smartphones for sure. RAM of 8GB is sufficient enough to help you play even high-end games smoothly, and that too without any causes. The Internal memory of 128GB is also good, and you can further increase it up to 256GB if you want, and that’s the beauty of it. 

This smartphone will also make a good impression on those who love clicking pictures because it comes with three different cameras of 12, 12, and 64 MP that can take high-end pictures with autofocus and HDR quality. The support of a 4300 mAh battery makes it useful even when you are traveling, and the battery performance is quite top-notch.

Key Features:-

  • AMOLED 2X display.
  • S Pen supported.
  • Auto sync with PC.
  • Auto connect Galaxy watch 3.


  • A huge large screen display.
  • It comes with a large amount of RAM and internal memory.
  • Durable and ever-lasting battery performance.
  • It supports the S-pen stylus also.


  • Charging speed should be improved.

9. iPhone 12 Series

There are always good offers on the iPhone; whether you are buying from the dollar general store or any other place, you will find some surprising and valuable offers through which one can make a good choice. iPhone 12 comes a14 bionic chipsets that are so powerful, and the design also makes it useful for various occasions. The company has improved the camera quality, and you can also shoot up high-end video and click high-resolution supporting photos. 

The screen size is bigger this time with 6.1″ that can be helpful in many ways. This iPhone runs on 4Gb of RAM and supports 64GB of internal storage system that holds up important files, images, and various types of things. You can go with the higher version, but it will cost you a little bit more money.

The camera quality is great because on the rear side, you are getting two cameras that consist of 12MP each, and on the front, it has 12MP and a 3D depth sensor which will help you capture a great type of selfie. The photos clicked from the front cameras are always great, and the reason is quite obvious now The battery support of the 2850mAh battery is also stunning and helps you use it for a longer period.

Key Features:-

  • 4.70-5.73 Ounces.
  • 5.4-6.1” display screen.
  • Haptic touch.
  • HDR display.
  • A14 bionic chip.


  • Stunning and aesthetic design.
  • Higher camera quality both at rear and front.
  • It comes with a larger and better display screen.
  • Powerful A14 bionic cheap support.


  • Battery draining is an issue.

10. Alcatel CameoX 4G LTE

Alcatel is a company that is famous for making highly customer-oriented and budget-friendly phones. This phone also comes with those categories. If you look at its design, you will find how much easier it is to handle and why everyone loves this smartphone to date. Besides the polish design, it comes with 200 mAh of battery support that can last for some given period, and you don’t always have to carry the charger. 

If you look at the screen size and s design, it comes with a 5-inch FWVGA IPS capacitive touch screen that is truly amazing. This screen size is amazing in that you play games and stream videos in high-end quality without any issues. 2GB of RAM and internal memory of 16GB will give you even more options to customize it and use it accordingly. 

Other than those features, it comes with an accelerometer, PS proximity sensor that can be a game-changer for many users, and that’s why you should go with this smartphone in which you are getting decent prepaid offers. The camera quality is decent since on the rear, you are getting 5MP, and on the front, it’s 2MP that can capture the photos easily.


  • 5” LCD display.
  • 16GB ROM.
  • 4G LTE unlocked.
  • Android 7.


  • It comes with a huge display screen.
  • Useful image stabilization feature available.
  • It comes with a dedicated GPU.


  • It does not have a headphone jack.

11. LG Phoenix 3 M150

It would be a great phone for those people who love taking selfies and sharing them with their friends through social media. The phone comes with a stunning front camera of 5MP that clicks high-end photos with its inbuilt features. If you closely look at other features also, you will find how useful this phone is, along with that you are getting 5MP of the camera on the rear also with 3 or 10 seconds of timer. 

Auto shooting, digital 4x zoom, and many other things make it even more useful than any other smartphone in the given range also. The phone comes with an internal memory of 16GB which is quite useful if you look at the options available; because through the extra external SD memory card also you can use it for various uses. It comes with an android marshmallow and RAM of 1.5 GB, sufficient to use for daily tasks. 

Now, if you look at the screen size, it comes with a 5″ screen that can help you stream videos and shoot high-end photos easily. The support of a 2500mAh battery is quite stunning, and it’s quite useful for simple and daily tasks for sure.


  • 2500mAh battery. 
  • 854 x 480 pixels
  • Android 6.0 OS.
  • 4G LTE Connectivity.
  • 5” Display screen size.


  • It comes with cool camera features.
  • It runs smoothly.
  • High-end resolution supportive display.
  • A good amount of internal storage.


  • NO GPU support.

12. AT&T Motivate

Everything can make you fall in love with this mobile, from a wide 6” display screen to a 5MP enriched camera that can take photos more clearly than any other similar range smartphone. The display screen on this smartphone comes at a larger size, which is why I have added this one to the list of best-prepaid smartphones. You can surf through social media and enjoy unlimited sources of entertainment. The front camera of 2MP can also take decent quality selfies, and currently, that’s what we all want. 

The internal memory of 16GB is enough to store all the necessary files, images, videos, and other types of things; you can insert an external SD card of 64GB also in it. LTE calling helps you connect with people and enjoy unlimited calling with friends and family members over the internet. It already comes with android 10, so you won’t have to worry about updating the OS system frequently. The battery support system of 3300mAh is capable of keeping the mobile alive for several hours without any issues.


  • GSM/3G/4G
  • 320 hours of standby time.
  • 3GB of Internal RAM.
  • 1080p Video recording. 
  • 6.49 Oz weight


  • Large and enriched display screen.
  • Durable battery support system.
  • 5MP rear camera with LED flash.
  • 2 years of warranty.


  • The front camera could have been improved.

13. Total Wireless TCL A2, 32GB Prime Black – Prepaid Smartphone

If you want to buy a prepaid smartphone with a contract and no extra fees, then this is the best choice for you. You can enjoy the unique design with a 5.5” wide display screen, which also comes with 4G LTE technology.  You can take tons of photos because it comes with an 8Mp rear and 5Mp front camera also. Since the phone is coming up with the 4G LTE technology, you can use it to contact anyone and talk to them for several hours.

The prepaid plans are quite cheaper, just $25 that can give you seamless talking and browsing for several days, which is enough when traveling to another place. This smartphone is available both at online and offline stores, so there is no need to worry about purchasing it. Moreover, 15 hours of running time usage make it useful even when using it on the 4G LTE network.


  • 5.5” display screen.
  • Google assistant side keys.
  • Upto 30 hours usage time.
  • 32GB ROM.


  • 5.5” full wide display screen.
  • Non-stop nationwide coverage.
  • 8MP rear camera with LED.
  • Long-lasting battery life.


  • The basic plan does not support cloud storage.

14. Tracfone LG Journey, 16GB Black – Prepaid Smartphone

You want to buy a prepaid smartphone with dollar general because you don’t want to be stuck with those bills and dues issues, right?. Then this is the best choice that can help you out because, through this amazing smartphone, you can surf online continuously and talk to anyone since it comes with 14 hours of talk time support. In addition, the 8MP rear camera support system makes it even more interesting than anyone’s expectations because it can capture high-end photos and shoot videos. 

You can enjoy 4 LTE network communication for the selected plan without any issues, and the data carry forward option will help you with money and save internet data. The front camera also comes with 5MP, and that too with a portrait mode that makes it more useful than any other standard phone in the given criteria.


  • 5.45″ HD+ FullVision Display
  • Unlimited Carryover® Data* plans
  • 8MP autofocus rear & 5MP front camera 
  • 14 hours Talk Time.


  • 5.45” display screen.
  • 16GB of internet memory.
  • 4G LTE network compatible.
  • Cheaper prepaid plans.

Which Wireless Phone Companies Are Working With Dollar General?

Now there are tons of companies that are working with Dollar general through the collaboration, and here are a few of them.

TracFone Cell Phones

TracFone is a company that has been working in collaboration with Dollar General for a long time. The majority of their smartphones come with 4G supportive technology, which is why consumers are highly demanding it. There are various plans available for TracFone users through which they can enjoy a seamless connection with others. Through the $20 plan, you can get unlimited talk, texts, and 1GB of data. The data-carrying forward feature helps you to use the remaining data in the next month. 

T-Mobile Cell Phones

It would be quite hard to imagine where the network carrier business would have been if this company didn’t exist, and it also offers its services through the general dollar retail stores. This company is famous for providing numerous types of plans for the customers that are beneficial from various perspectives. They are currently operating at more than 100 million customer base, and it’s constantly increasing every day. 


Verizon is also one of the leading wireless phone companies that constantly provides top-notch services all over the USA. If you are thinking of using their service, you can get more offers through the dollar general stores for sure. Verizon comes with a stunning range of prepaid phones that are available on both iOs and Android systems. Tehri basic phones are also shifted towards the 4G network, so you can imagine the high-end network supporting system from them.

AT&T Cell Phones

AT&T is famous in America, but in other continents, they are also leading service providers when it comes to data, text, and other types of voice services. They have many prepaid smartphone brands that are already offering tons of plans through Samsung Galaxy Express Prime 3, Alcatel Tetra, LG Phoenix Plus, etc.

Why Should You Buy Dollar General Prepaid Phones?

The answer to that question can be given by only yourself, and you should ask yourself why you need to take that decision. However, we have come with some solid reasons why everyone is willing to buy a prepaid smartphone from Dollar General that you should look into to get the idea. 

No Credit Score Checking

The best thing about Dollar General is that it doesn’t matter whether you are buying it online or offline; they don’t ask you for credit score checking or anything else. Their servers are working and are made available for every type of person, and you can buy the prepaid smartphone from there without any further queries or doubts. 

No Instant Deposit

There is no deposit demanded from the customer if you are buying a prepaid phone. Usually, while agreeing, some companies ask customers to deposit the money. However, that’s not the case with general dollar companies. You will find such issues being raised here, and there is no need to worry about it. 

Perfectly Useful For Everyone

It would be quite hard for you not to find a perfect smartphone when you enter their shops. Dollar General offers a diverse range of prepaid smartphones that are also available for the customer with different types of plans. Whether it’s for children, older adults, or any other people, you can get a smartphone for everyone at this place. 

All the latest smartphones from the big brands like Samsung, Apple, LG, etc., are made available, and these gadgets are being updated frequently with stunning offers. The prepaid mobile phones come with a decent price range and valid offers. 

Extremely Cheap

Another best thing about choosing Dollar General for buying prepaid smartphones is that they are made available at a meager rate. You cannot find smartphones at such a discounted rate anywhere else for sure.

Locked and Unlocked Phones

Dollar general is that type of store which comes with both the options of choosing from locked and unlocked smartphones. You can go with any of these options, and the company offers you a diverse range of options to choose from. 

The Difference Between Prepaid Phone And Contract Phone

Carrier – When you choose a prepaid phone, you can change the carrier at any given period, but that’s not the case with contract phones. Contract phones with the provider’s network, and until it expires, you have to use it, and then you can make further changes to it. 

Use – The best thing about the prepaid services is that you get to use texting, calling, and other types of services based upon the plan you choose and the amount of money you have been paid for it; once the plan is exhausted, you need to do it again. In contract plans, it’s different, you can use it for the entire month based upon your limit, and in the end, you get the bill that needs to be paid in the given period. 

Credit Score – If you are trying to buy a contract phone, you must be eligible to get one, which can be done by verifying your credit status. If your credit score is showing a negative balance, you might not be able to buy the phone. However, in prepaid phones, that’s not the issue. Here you need to pay the money upfront, and the phone will be yours. 

Full cost/Installment – While buying the prepaid smartphones, you need to pay for the entire cost. You can get possession of the phone once you have paid the full amount. However, for the contract phones, you need to pay the initial installment or deposit a certain amount of money, then you can pay the rest of the money through installments or any other things. 

International Usage – Prepaid phones work great because your network provider, if available in that country, will give you the required services under the different plans. However, in contract phones, you cannot change the service provider and stick with it. 


So these are the best prepaid smartphones that are available at dollar general stores. We hope you liked the options mentioned above, and if you have any doubts, leave a comment down below.

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