Our world is going through dramatic changes.  Old institutions and approaches are failing, and new ones, like those discussed on GoverningPeople, are gaining in interest and influence.  Like many readers here, I have asked myself the question, "What practical steps could we take to build a better system of governance, and transform our world?"  After much thought, I have developed an approach that I would like to share with this group, and with the wider society.  The suggestions I have to offer are described in my new, free book "Social Business and e-Democracy in America: Two Proposals", available at http://www.siteforchange.com, along with an introductory video.  I invite all of you to take a look and offer any feedback or criticism that you might have.  In brief, one proposal is for a people's lobby.  It is a way for common citizens to gain influence over legislation on a bill-to-bill level.  It takes advantage of our latest achievements in communications and Internet technology to create an environment that helps citizens to cooperate, in mass, to find good solutions to legislative issues.  I welcome your thoughts.

Thanks,  John


Update 5/25/2012:

The book I mention above has gone through a dramatic process of evolution, and is now available under a new title and website.  The new title is Creating Sustainable Societies: The Rebirth of Democracy and Local Economies, and the website is http://www.CreatingSustainableSocieties.com.  Please take a look.